Carry out You Will Find Feelings with this Chap?

Reader Question:

I’ve been watching this person for some time today. Really, we say “seeing” but we simply satisfy whenever we’re out and one folks feels like it. We never ever try to see one another or something. We’ve been buddies for approximately 2 years today, and on New Year’s in 2010, he was becoming so nice and expected if he could kiss-me. It actually was lovable.

We are simply really casual. He’s such a new player so he satisfies other people and therefore carry out we, which meets myself great. He’s transferring to another country in September, so there’s no reason for things heading further. However, not too long ago whenever I see him out, he only actually tends to make an endeavor beside me once I’m ignoring him and vice versa, and when I you will need to get his interest, the guy normally finds another lady. This truly pisses me personally down and I also do not know precisely why because I’m sure we’re not something. Do I have emotions with this man? I must say I have no idea what’s going on in my head any longer!

-Niamh M. (Ca)

Expert’s Answer:

Hi Niamh,

I’m sorry to split it for you, but you definitely have actually a thing with this guy. Precisely why else can you end up being creating me and talking about a kiss that happened months and months before on new-year’s Eve? Within letter, you call he a “player” and he sounds like exactly that. At the start, maybe you have already been okay with the couple hanging out and maintaining it casual. But like most meeting married women online, you’ve developed thoughts for him in the process.

Because this man is relocating to another country in September, I’d advise to move forward. It appears as though all this guy really wants to perform is perform video games. If you could perform alongside without getting the emotions involved, I quickly’d state have fun. But let’s face it, you have currently shown you are mentally included. We state save face and save yourself the psychological turmoil of consistently second-guessing yourself. It is the right time to progress.

Best of luck,